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Reversing Construction Overspray Damage,
Remove it safely

If overspray damage is getting you down, we’re here to help. At Overspray Solutions in Miami, Florida, we provide overspray removal for all kinds of collateral damage, including painting and construction overspray.

Car - Construction Overspray

Understanding Overspray

Overspray can be caused by anything, but the most common culprits are concrete and paint from construction and painting sites. It is made up of airborne particles such as paint, crude oil, tar, chemicals, and concrete that adhere to any surface. Windy conditions increase the risk of contamination.

Chunk of Overspray - Construction Overspray

Car Damage Repair

Troublesome overspray can be removed from your vehicle without the hassle of repainting. If you parked your car somewhere near a construction site and returned to the unpleasant surprise of concrete specks all over it, we can safely remove that without damaging the paint. Taking your car to the dealership or having it repainted is not required.

Claim Management

Claim Management

Proper documentation is the key to a speedy claim. At Overspray Solutions, our expert claim management team works with insurance adjusters to ensure a smooth claim process. We provide full documentation, including overspray liability release forms, photos, and paint samples.